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Getting Started on Venn
Getting Started on Venn
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Rev. Date May 2, 2023

Welcome to Venn!

We have uploaded a demo portfolio for all new users so you can start viewing Venn's functionality and analysis right away. The demo portfolio is an illustrative example of strategies and investments to show what a portfolio set up on Venn can look like.

If there are investments or benchmarks that you’d like to analyze or add to your portfolio but aren’t provided by Venn in the Data Library, you can upload your own data using Venn’s upload tool.

Step 1: Use a time series format for the initial data upload as well as any ongoing data updates, one example of a vertical template is below [1]:

Step 2: Once you have your data in a time series format, click on “Upload” on the left side panel.

From here, you will have the option to upload a file of returns in .csv, PDF, or Excel, or to copy and paste return streams. Consistency checks are performed on uploaded data to assist in identifying errors such as blank cells and odd formats (e.g. N/A). Once uploaded, all return streams are available in your Data Library for standalone or portfolio analysis.

For all future data updates, use this same process. Just make sure that the return streams you upload for updating purposes share the same name (first row of the spreadsheet) so that Venn can match the data. When updating data for existing investments you can choose to:

  • Overwrite the entire series (e.g. you uploaded the wrong data or it was not formatted correctly)

  • Overwrite just the overlapping months (e.g. if there was a data revision),

  • Append the data (e.g. if you are adding in a few months to the end of the series on Venn).

Construct Your Portfolio

Once all your data has been uploaded, you are ready to set up portfolios on Venn.

Venn will provide in-app step-by-step directions for new users on how to set up your organization’s master portfolio when you click the “Set Up Your Portfolio” button.[2] A “Master Portfolio” is a portfolio that can be quickly accessed from your Data Library as it will always be pinned to the top, and can be helpful for organizations with a portfolio that is frequently accessed or monitored. This could be a portfolio that reflects your organization’s actual holdings, a model portfolio that is frequently used, etc.

Although you can only set one master portfolio for your organization, you can create as many pro forma portfolios as needed at any time by clicking “New Portfolio” from the left panel. You can name your portfolio and "Create new portfolio from scratch…” or from another portfolio already on Venn.

  • Strategy/Asset Class: To add a strategy or asset class, first select the three dots next to the name of the portfolio (the ellipsis). From there, you can click "Add a strategy." You may add as many strategies/asset classes as you'd like. To create a sub-strategy within a strategy, follow the same process by first hovering over the strategy you'd like to add the new sub-strategy to, clicking the three dots and then selecting "Add a sub-strategy".

  • Investments: Once you've added one or multiple strategies/asset classes, hover over the desired one and click the three dots on the right side to add an investment under that category. Select "Add an investment" and begin searching for the desired investment. You may select an investment that you previously uploaded or an investment already loaded in Venn. Repeat these steps to add all the individual investments under the appropriate strategies.

Once you've added all the desired strategies/asset classes and investments, you can save this portfolio. To make it your master portfolio, click on your profile icon on the upper right hand corner, and click “Workspace Configurations.” You can assign your organization’s master portfolio by selecting the desired portfolio from the dropdown.

[1] The uploader can support a number of formats and templates are included for the following: Excel vertical template, Excel horizontal template, Excel database template, Excel multi-table template, Excel returns grid template, CSV vertical template, CSV horizontal template, CSV database template, CSV multi-table template, CSV returns grid template, PDF vertical template, PDF horizontal template, PDF database template, PDF returns grid template.

[2] This button is not available for new users on Venn that are joining organizations that have already set up their master portfolio.

This document highlights certain aspects of this feature. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please see Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

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