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Rev. Date October 1, 2019

What is the demo portfolio?

The demo portfolio is an illustrative example of a portfolio of strategies and investments that we pre-load for all of Venn’s new users. 

Why does Venn offer a demo portfolio? 

The purpose of the demo portfolio is to show what portfolio set up on Venn can look like. We provide the demo portfolio to help new users get started exploring Venn’s analytics as soon as they sign up and enter the site.

How can I create my own portfolio?

Please see our Portfolio Configuration article to learn how to set up your organization’s master portfolio.

How did you determine the demo portfolio’s strategy allocations?

We realize that investors’ objectives are unique and that portfolio compositions will vary. The demo portfolio therefore has multiple strategies, including equity, fixed income, and liquid alternatives. We selected these strategies based on our general understanding of asset allocation for institutional investors. 

How did you determine the demo portfolio's investments?

We chose publicly traded funds that had sizable fund assets (generally more than $1 billion) and a significant track record (generally greater than five years). The funds are also managed by firms that we felt were well known and familiar to investors.

Do you have different demo portfolios by currency?

Venn currently provides distinct demo portfolios for two base currencies: USD and EUR. The primary difference between the two portfolios is the funds selected for inclusion. For example, the USD (EUR) demo portfolio includes investments denominated in USD (EUR) and that are anchored to its region (e.g., US Large and Small Cap equity funds in the Equity strategy). 

The demo portfolio is for demonstration purposes only. It is not a recommendation as to any portfolio, allocation, strategy, or investment or an offer to sell any security. The strategies, investments, and allocations in the demo portfolio were chosen in our professional judgement. They do not follow any particular source, methodology, or data and should not be considered representative of the average institutional investor or indicative of any investment objective or approach.

This document highlights certain aspects of this feature. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please see Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information

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