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Returns Uploader FAQ
Returns Uploader FAQ
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Rev. Date December 6, 2023

How do I upload my own investment or portfolio returns?

1) Upload Returns

To upload a current or prospective investment’s returns, click on "Upload" on the left side panel, or by using the teal “+” sign at the bottom left of the allocation panel and clicking on “Upload Investments” in Analysis. You can upload a file, drag and drop, or copy/paste the returns directly into the uploader. We support multiple file formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV. To view a sample template of how to organize your data, click “Supported Upload Formats” and download one of the available templates.

2) Map Data

Once the data is loaded, the Uploader will scan the file or pasted data to identify the following:

  • Metric type: Return, Price

  • Format: Percentage, Decimal

  • Currency [2]: United States Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan, European Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Swedish Krona

The Data Uploader assesses whether the data type is return or price, percentage point or decimal, the currency of returns, and the frequency of the return streams, but it’s always good to validate the conversion during the upload process. If you would like to change any of these suggested inputs, simply click the drop down arrows to update.

Consistency checks are performed on uploaded data to assist in identifying and amending values that may be incorrect. Common errors include blanks and off formats. You can correct any errors directly in the uploader when prompted.

Once all errors are fixed, if any applicable, you can click:

  • Upload & Analyze (for a single investment)

  • Add to Library (for multiple investments)

Please note that if you are uploading returns with the same name as an existing investment in your Data Library, Venn will recognize the upload as an update to the existing investment. If you want to save the returns as a different series, you can either select “Create new” or change the investment name by clicking on the Fund Name.

Note: If you’d prefer to not upload the real names of the underlying investments or managers, feel free to anonymize them.

What data formats are supported for upload?

  • Currently Excel, PDF, and CSV files are supported; files should be in a clean tabular form without additional non-column headers, footnotes, charts, or tabs.

  • The preferred format for uploading investment returns should contain at least a properly formatted date column, as well as returns streams in separate columns, although a number of other formats are supported [1] and U.S. vs. European ordering is detected.

How do I update returns for an investment that is already uploaded?

If you want to update or add data to a return stream that already exists within Venn, follow the same steps as uploading a new investment to add the updated return stream into the uploader. The data uploader will give you the option to:

  1. Overwrite the entire series that already exists on Venn

  2. Overwrite only the overlapping period between the return stream currently on Venn and what you are uploading

  3. Append only the returns from the additional dates not already represented on the Venn platform

You can also change or add returns for a specific investment by clicking on the "Manage Data" setting icon at the top right of the page in Analysis.

Next, click on the "Performance Data" tab and then you can easily add (or paste) in the date(s) and return(s) for the investment you're viewing. You can also edit any previous returns by clicking into the cells. Any changes made will be displayed in purple until, and will be saved once “Permanently Update Data” is clicked.

Can I add identifiers to user-uploaded investments?

You can add a ticker or identifier to your uploaded investment by going to the “Investment Information” tab under “Manage Data.” You can enter in the preferred identifier under the “Ticker” field. Once complete, you will now be able to search for this investment using the entered identifier in your Data Library.

Venn currently does not support bulk upload of identifiers for investments. However, users can choose to use the tickers as the Fund Names when uploading returns.

Who can access uploaded investments and who has the right to edit them?

  • Uploaded investments are only visible to people within the same workspace.

  • As default, anyone within the organization can edit these return streams.

  • For organizations that want to establish administrative access to only allow specific users the ability to upload and edit returns, Venn offers customization of user permissions. Please contact your Client Solutions and Strategy team member for more information about Permissions controls.

  • Note that certain authorized personnel at Two Sigma who provide Venn clients with support have access to the uploaded returns and, at clients’ request, may edit the return streams.

[1] The uploader can support a number of formats and templates are included for the following: Excel vertical template, Excel horizontal template, Excel database template, Excel multi-table template, Excel returns grid template, CSV vertical template, CSV horizontal template, CSV database template, CSV multi-table template, CSV returns grid template, PDF vertical template, PDF horizontal template, PDF database template, PDF returns grid template.

[2] For investments denominated in a currency other than your organization’s base currency, Venn converts the investment’s returns to returns reflecting your organization’s base currency. Please refer to this article for more information.

This document highlights certain aspects of this analytic. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please see Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

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