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Restricted Data in Report Lab
Restricted Data in Report Lab
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Rev. Date September 1, 2023

What constitutes usage of restricted data in Report Lab?

When a Restricted Investment is used:

  • As an object in a Report

  • As a common benchmark or as a component of a composite benchmark

  • As a benchmark for an Investment that is added to a view and a block has "Individual Benchmarks" turned on.

  • As a “shock” input in Scenario Analysis, soon to be renamed Sensitivity Analysis

  • In a Portfolio as either an investment or benchmark

  • In a composite benchmark that is then added to a Report as a subject or benchmark, or as the individual benchmark to a subject added to the view

  • As a CMA input and if a Report contains any forecast values

    • Active forecast for the workspace may not use restricted data as a CMA input (i.e. MSCI ACWI)

  • As a proxy on any investment added to a Report or as a proxy for any investment within a portfolio or as a Public Market Proxy for any Private Capital/Assets

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