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Setting Custom Disclaimers and Disclosures
Setting Custom Disclaimers and Disclosures
Written by Mei Chung
Updated over a week ago

Report Lab enables the creation of client-ready, customizable, branded reports, and the inclusion of firm-specific disclaimers and disclosures. This feature is an important step to help client reporting and investment proposals stay compliant. As default, all reports created in Report Lab include standardized disclaimers located at the bottom of the content pages and the cover page, as well as additional disclosures at the back of the report. Users can edit these default disclaimers and disclosures or include additional custom firm-specific language to their reports. All reports will also have a separate set of Venn’s required disclaimers and disclosures that will always appear and cannot be amended.

Where can I set custom disclaimers and disclosures for my reports?

Organization-wide customization is available by clicking on “Settings”, then “Workspace Configuration,” and scrolling down to “Report Lab Print Configuration.” Please note that any disclaimers and disclosures set here will apply to all reports created by anyone in the organization or workspace.

Within this menu, you can customize:

  • Cover Page Disclosures - Text that appears at the bottom of the Cover page

  • Disclaimers - Text that appears at the bottom of every page in all reports. This can be turned off for a specific report by going into Report Lab Setup (gear icon on upper left hand side in Report Lab) and unchecking "Disclaimer" under the "Footer" section.

  • Disclosures - Text that appears in a specific Disclosures page. The Disclosures page can be added by clicking the “+” icon and selecting “Disclosure Page.” This page can be added anywhere within a report, such as the page after the cover page or at the end of the report.

Can I add disclaimers and disclosures specific to a report?

As noted above, any disclaimers and disclosures set in Report Lab Print Configuration are organization-wide, and are included in all reports created in the workspace. To add language specific to a single report, users can use the “Custom Footer Text” setting, which will add the custom footnote to the bottom of every page. Users can also use the “Custom Text” block to add disclosures to a single or set of pages.

Who has the right to edit the organization-wide disclaimers and disclosures?

As default, any user in the workspace has the ability to set and edit the organization-wide disclaimers and disclosures under “Report Lab Print Configuration.” For organizations that want to establish different levels of access for report configuration and only allow specific users the ability to edit, Venn offers customization of user permissions. Please contact your Client Solutions and Strategy team member for more information about Permissions controls.

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