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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Increased awareness or optimization of risk factor exposures is not a guarantee of increased performance or decreased risk. TSIS makes no representations or warranties with respect to, and does not guarantee, the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance or usefulness of any content on Venn. The Venn subscriber ("subscriber") and each authorized representative acknowledge that any content on or available through Venn is provided "AS IS," and information contained in this document may be based on data obtained from third parties or from the subscriber (including incomplete or inaccurate data) and has not been independently verified by TSIS, may reflect significant assumptions and constraints on the part of the subscriber, TSIS and/or other persons and is subject to change without notice. Metrics provided by Venn are estimates only. TSIS does not verify the data upon which these metrics rely and whether such data is provided in compliance with any securities laws, rules, regulations or industry standards or practices, including those related to marketing or advertising of investment funds. If any data is inaccurate or incomplete, including data uploaded by subscribers, this will materially adversely affect the effectiveness of Venn. TSIS makes no representations or warranties that any graph, chart, formula or other device offered on Venn can in and of itself be used to determine which securities to buy or sell, or when to buy or sell them.

Venn is not intended to and does not purport to take into account subscribers’ overall or complete financial situation, level of financial sophistication, investment experience, investment mandate, financial goals, or investment profile. Venn does not accept all relevant investment profile or other data, make all potential or standard settings available or customizable, or otherwise provide all important or relevant analysis, nor does Venn or TSIS inquire into whether any data, settings or analysis are actually appropriate for subscribers. Neither Venn nor TSIS investigates any security or other financial instrument analyzed by Venn other than to the extent TSIS generally operates Venn. Venn is a computerized data analysis platform, using research and methodologies that are changed frequently, into which each subscriber, at its own initiative and in its own discretion, can input certain data and receive certain results. It is each subscriber’s responsibility to determine for itself that Venn usage is, and that Venn results are, appropriate for that subscriber. Given Venn’s technology-based and limited nature, Venn is not intended as a substitute for a full service investment advisory or consulting arrangement and results from Venn may not be used as a primary basis for making investment decisions.

The various business activities of TSIS and its affiliates within the Two Sigma group (including such affiliates’ management of or other services in connection with various investment accounts) create actual and potential conflicts of interest that TSIS believes are material to subscribers. Subscribers should see TSIS’s Form ADV for important disclosures, including disclosures about material conflicts of interest and risks and about limitations of any graphs, charts, formulas or other devices offered on Venn that a subscriber might use to assist it in making its own investment decisions and the difficulties with respect to their use. Venn's pro tier charges fees. Venn's free tier does not currently charge any fees.  However, it is possible in the future fees may be charged for this tier or for certain functionality in this tier. 

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