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How can I compare my portfolio allocation changes?
How can I compare my portfolio allocation changes?
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Rev. Date March 28, 2024

This article outlines various ways to compare the changes in your portfolio allocation across the Venn platform. To compare performance and risk metrics or other analyses of multiple portfolios side by side, please refer to this FAQ.

Step 1. Make changes to your portfolio allocations

First, allocation changes need to be made to your portfolio. This can be done by opening your portfolio in Analysis or Studio and making changes in the allocation panel. In Studio, click the calculation icon next to the portfolio name to open the allocation panel.

Step 2. Load a previous version of the portfolio and compare allocation changes

Once all changes have been made, click the blue panel on the top right corner of the allocation panel. In Studio, “Compare Versions” near the top of the allocation panel will need to be clicked on first.

You will have the option to compare to: (1) your master portfolio; (2) previously saved versions of the portfolio; or (3) an “optimized” version of the portfolio based on goals and constraints that you’ve selected. Click one of the previously saved versions of your portfolio.

Once a previous version of the portfolio has been selected, the blue columns will update to show the allocations of the selected portfolio and the current allocations side by side. To view the net change, click the “Trades” toggle on. To switch between the % weight and $ value allocation changes, click the “$” toggle at the top of the allocation panel.

Step 3. Add the allocation changes to your report using the Portfolio Comparison block

Now that you have a portfolio with new allocation weights that you like, you may be wondering: “how can I show these changes in my report?” This can be done in Report Lab using the “Portfolio Comparison” block, which allows you to visualize the allocations of two portfolios, as well as the changes in allocation between them.

Please note that the updated portfolio first needs to be saved as a different copy (instead of overwriting the changes), then both the original and the new portfolio need to be loaded into your report as separate subjects.

You can compare the % weights and/or the $ value allocations by selecting the options under the “metrics” section. The order of the portfolios can also be configured using the options under the “subjects” section of the block configuration panel.

Step 4. Add a “custom field” column/row to the Portfolio Comparison block

You can also add in one or multiple “custom field” columns/rows to your comparison block and manually enter text by double-clicking cells on the block. You may also insert data from a spreadsheet by single-clicking on a cell and pasting text. Please note that when custom fields are added to a block, they will be saved at that report level only. No validation or calculations are performed and text entered has no connection to any other metrics. Adding Custom Fields will also include a footnote describing the data as having been entered by a Venn subscriber, not the platform. Custom Field text does not automatically update when portfolio changes occur. Please make sure to review this block after making any portfolio changes.

Please note that the portfolio comparison functionality is only available in Report Lab. To access Report Lab, please reach out to your Client Solutions representative. Additional fees apply.

This document highlights certain aspects of this feature. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please see Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

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