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Addepar Integration Overview
Addepar Integration Overview
Written by Robert Xie
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How to Begin Setup on Venn

If you are an Addepar client and looking to integrate your Addepar data with Venn, please first contact your Venn Client Strategy & Solutions representative to enable access.

Once this has been enabled, you can begin by navigating to Settings and then Workspace Configuration where you should see the “Addepar Integration” section below. To begin, press “Link Addepar Account”.

From here, you will be able to connect to your Addepar account. This will first direct you to the Addepar website to authorize Venn access to the data, and then redirect you back to Venn to continue set-up.

Integration Overview and Parameters

The portfolio configuration we ingest into Venn is called ‘Views in Addepar’. This is essentially a pre-configured table structure received from Addepar. A View has groupings (e.g., you can group by Top Level Owner and/or by Asset Class) and attributes (e.g., Adjusted IRR, Adjusted TWR).

You may change the groupings being sent to us from Addepar within the screen below on Venn. If you change the top level grouping, then new portfolios will be created in Venn and the previous portfolios will no longer be updated.

  • Note on “Venn Return”: this can be set using Addepar’s custom attributes. Within Addepar, you can conditionally specify the value an attribute refers to. The reason we do so is that clients may want to use a different value for the returns of different types of investments (e.g., Adjusted IRR for private investments instead of Adjusted TWR). In order to use “Venn Return” you will need to add a custom attribute in your Addepar account settings.

Venn will create one portfolio for each top level grouping in the view. If the top level grouping is “Top Level Owner”, then one portfolio will be created for each “Top Level Owner” inside of Venn.

  • Note on “Portfolio name prefix”: this can be input manually as part of the set-up process. A prefix can be helpful, as it will allow you to quickly identify items in your Venn data library that are integrated with Addepar.

Preview Data Import

The next step in our integration process will allow you to preview how your Addepar data will appear on Venn. This will be based on how you have set up your integration parameters in the previous step.

All Addepar data will appear in Venn’s Data Library, which is accessible via the left-hand side of your screen. For more information on how to navigate our Data Library, please visit our help center article here.

You will be able to preview how your Addepar data will show up in the Data Library, which is partially determined by the portfolio name prefix field in the previous step.

At this step, you will also be able to preview your portfolio configuration on Venn, which is determined by the Groupings Order in the previous step. Venn's analysis of your investments and their exposures is based upon your selected portfolio configuration. To learn more about how portfolios on Venn are configured, please visit our help center article here.

After you have previewed your data, you can proceed to the next step which will allow you to finish and sync your Addepar data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I authorize multiple Addepar instances?

Yes, after completing the initial set-up process you can then go back and add another Addepar instance.

Can I edit an Addepar view I have already created on Venn?

Yes, if you navigate back to the same section in Workspace Configuration where you set up your integration, you will see a pencil icon next to the name of each Addepar instance that will allow you to edit these views.

Is it possible to switch from using the default Adjusted TWR to using the custom Venn Return attribute?

Yes. After you define the custom Venn Return attribute on Addepar, you can then choose to send this data to us on the “Set Integration Parameters” step.

Why is the Venn Return option disabled?

First, make sure that the attribute is named "Venn Return" (case-insensitive) and that its output type is Percent. Click Refresh Data on the upper right so that Venn detects the newly created custom attribute.

How frequently does my Addepar data sync to Venn?

Any data you choose to send from Addepar to Venn will sync right away the first time you set up the integration, and will continue to sync daily in the mornings (Eastern Standard Time).

This document highlights certain aspects of this feature. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please seeImportant Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

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