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FAQ: Performance Data Integrations
FAQ: Performance Data Integrations
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Rev. Date November 5, 2019

What is a performance data integration?

A performance data integration is a way to easily load and continuously update your investments on Venn. Investment returns, market values, and other relevant data can be populated automatically.

What is required for a data integration?

Generally, each integration source has its own specific set of requirements. For 3rd party service providers, like custodians or fund administrators, the process usually involves providing authorization to send the relevant data to Venn. Once authorization is granted, our secure transmission methods take over and directly populate data into your account. 

How frequently is data updated?

Generally, Venn checks daily for new data as it becomes available from the integration source. 

What integrations does Venn support?

Generally, Venn can support integrations with custodians, administrators, and 3rd party software providers. Please reach out to for specific details. 

How do I set up an integration?

Select the desired integration from the Workplace Configuration section of Settings. Someone from Venn will reach out with the next steps.

What if I don’t see my integration source?

If your desired integration isn’t listed, you can enter in a custom integration request in the search bar. Our support team will reach for further details.


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