Rev. Date October 6, 2019

What are investment categories?

Investment categories describe the strategy or style of investing that an investment manager can employ in meeting investment objectives.  

What types of investment categories are available on Venn?

Investment category data is pre-populated for most mutual funds and ETFs in Venn's library.  Additionally, users can select the investment category for any user-uploaded investment from a library of hedge fund, mutual fund, and ETF categories.  A list of available categories is available upon request. 

How should investment categories be used?

When evaluating an individual investment, categories can be a way to differentiate its relative performance versus others employing a similar strategy or style.  Venn helps users conduct this analysis by providing the aggregate return stream of the applicable investment category as a comparison point for each categorized investment.    

How is the performance of an investment category calculated?

Venn creates an equal-weighted return stream that comprises the performance of all investments that belong to a specific category. Investments that have ceased operations are not removed from the return stream to prevent survivorship bias. Additionally, as new investments are added to Venn’s library, returns are only incorporated on a going forward basis.

How can I change investment categories?

Investment categories can be updated on any investment in your investment library that has been uploaded by you or your team. When viewing an investment in analysis, you can click on Manage Data in the top right corner of the screen or click on the category name in the performance summary section.  Venn will prompt you to select an asset type for each investment before you can select an investment category.  

Why are the investment category and asset type names in purple? 

In order to make it easier for you to access investment categories, Venn analyzes your uploaded investment and suggests its asset type and investment category. Suggested categories are determined by a machine learning application that was trained using Venn’s investment library.[1] Suggested results are displayed in purple. You can confirm or overwrite the suggested category by editing the investment’s metadata. 

[1]User-uploaded investments are not included in the training set. 

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