Rev. Date July 27, 2020

If you upload a return stream that already exists within Venn, the data uploader will give you the option to:

  1. Overwrite the entire series that already exists on Venn

  2. Overwrite only the overlapping period between the return stream currently on Venn and what you are uploading

  3. Append only the returns from the additional dates not already represented on the Venn platform

Please make sure that the return stream you are uploading is in fact the same as the one that currently exists on Venn. If the names are the same but represent two different series, please rename the return stream you are uploading by clicking on the teal chain next to the Fund Name (displayed below):

This document highlights certain aspects of this analytic. As an overview, it does not discuss all material facts or assumptions. Please see Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

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