Rev. Date June 1, 2020

  • Currently Excel, PDF, and CSV files are supported; files should be in a clean tabular form without additional non-column headers, footnotes, charts, or tabs.

  • The preferred format for uploading investment returns should contain at least a properly formatted date column, as well as returns streams in separate columns, although a number of other formats are supported [1] and U.S. vs. European ordering is detected.

  • The format for uploading investment NAVs should contain at least a properly formatted investment name column, as well as the allocation sizes for each investment in a separate column.

  • The Data Uploader assesses data type, whether the data type is return or price, percentage point or decimal, and the frequency of the return streams, but it’s always good to validate the conversion during the upload process.

[1] The uploader can support a number of formats and templates are included for the following: Excel vertical template, Excel horizontal template, Excel database template, Excel multi-table template, Excel returns grid template, CSV vertical template, CSV horizontal template, CSV database template, CSV multi-table template, CSV returns grid template, PDF vertical template, PDF horizontal template, PDF database template, PDF returns grid template.

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